Algal Populations Related to Different Macrophyte Communities

  • P. Marvan
  • J. Komárek
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 28)


The pelagic communities of algae from the South Bohemian fishponds are discussed in Section 4 (see Table 1 in Sect. 4.1). In this Section, we give brief characteristics and comparisons of the species composition in individual microphyte synusia associated with principal macrophyte communities. The basic data originate from the Opatovický fishpond (Komárek et al., 1973) and are completed by further observations on Nesyt fishpond (Marvan and Ettl, in press). The macrophyte communities are classified as in Section 1.2.


Algal Community Filamentous Alga Macrophyte Community Planktonic Alga Pelagic Community 
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