Higher Plant Communities

  • S. Hejný
  • Š. Husák
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 28)


Within a given set of climatic, edaphic and hydrochemical conditions, the water level and its changes in time determine the character and structural variation in both space and time of the plant as well as other biotic communities in a fishpond. Fishponds, with a water level controlled by man, are particularly suited for the study of the ecological effects both of a fluctuating and a stabilized water level. The concept of ecophases, ecoperiods and ecocycles was first elaborated with respect to vegetation dynamics in fishponds (Hejný, 1957, 1960) and later extended to other types of standing waters (Hejný, 1971). names of community types used in the further text correspond with those given in Section 1.2.2.


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