Decomposition Processes in the Fishpond Littoral

  • B. Úlehlová
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 28)


One of the main goals of the IBP was to present quantitative data on the production of biotic components of ecosystems. But estimates of microbial populations in ecosystems are usually rather difficult and open to all sorts of criticism. Despite all inherent uncertainties, in the course of the IBP several authors tried to estimate the microbial biomass in various ecosystems (Kuznetsov and Romanenko, 1966; Clark and Paul, 1970; Aristovskaya, 1972; Parkinson, 1970). Different ways have been suggested of estimating the biomass of bacteria, fungi and actinoycetes from data on their population densities. Such methods are discussed by Parkinson et al. (1971) and Sorokin and Kadota (1972) for terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems respectively.


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