Primary Production and Functioning of Algae in the Fishpond Littoral

  • J. Komárková
  • P. Marvan
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 28)


Three principal types of producers can be distinguished in a pond littoral: (1) macrophytes; (2) littoral plankton; (3) periphyton, including epiphyton as well as filamentous algae floating amidst higher water plants (see Tamas, 1964; Marvan et al., 1973, and others). The shares of individual structural elements of the vegetation in the total littoral primary production vary considerably (Straškraba, 1963; Pieczyńska and Szczepańska, 1966; Komárková, 1973; Komárková and Komárek, 1975; see Table 1) and may change markedly during the year (Figs.l, 2). An investigation of the ecological function of algae in fishponds is impeded by a number of methodological problems. It is inconvenient to use without modification the radiometric 14C method for estimating the algal primary production in heavily fertilized fishponds and in their polluted littorals. For these reasons, the oxygen method of light and dark bottles was employed, by which the gross primary production was estimated with sufficient accuracy. In 1972, a method suggested by Pieczyńska (1965) was used in a study on primary production by the periphyton in various kinds of helophyte communities at the Opatovický fishpond (for details see Komárková and Komárek, 1975). In the subsequent years, Assman’s (1951) method was employed when working in a Phragmites stand where the submerged stem portions are not green except for a short period in spring. Oxygen concentrations were measured by the Winkler method and, in summer, by a modification of this method after Bruhns (Standard Methods, 1965).


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