Nutrient Uptake by Littoral Communities of Helophytes

  • D. Dykyjová
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 28)


In order to examine the relations betveen the nutrient availability and net production in helophyte communities in fishpond littorals, chemical analyses were made in their water, sapropels, bottom soils, and plant biomass. To compare the chemistry of different habitats, only monocenotic communities (their dominating species) were analyzed, as in main production analyses. The importance of the water chemistry for mineral nutrition of rooted aquatic plants cannot be denied. The accessory aquatic roots of emergent plants rooted in the bottom, such as Phragmites or Typha, play an important part in the additional water and nutrient supplies to the plant; for details and references see Dykyjová and Hradecká (1976). The finely branched aquatic roots develop in the submerged basal parts of the stems. They are formed especially in erosion biotopes on poor sandy bottoms. In fertilized fishponds, these roots can acquire a significant portion of mineral nutrients which cannot be absorbed via the roots growing in nutrient-poorer deeper layers of the bottom. This is why even the communities of Phragmitetum communis growing in erosion habitats of the Opatovický fishpond such as the Phragmites V biotope have a high biomass and production. These morphological and physiological adaptations of helophytes to the absorption of nutrients from both the bottom soils and the aquatic environment allow a more intense nutrient uptake than is the case in dry land plants.


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