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The instantaneous net efficiency of assimilation in any plant stand may be expressed by the ratio: dW/Ldt where dW is the increment in total stand biomass (expressed in terms of dry weight) over the time interval dt and L is leaf area index (leaf area per unit ground area) representing the main part of assimilatory plant tissues. Integration of this ratio over a certain growth interval (t 2 - t 1) gives the “net assimilation rate” (NAR) which express the mean net efficiency of photosynthesis within this interval:
$$ {\text{NAR = }}\int\limits_{{t1}}^{{t2}} {\frac{\text{dW}}{{\text{Ldt}}}} {\text{dt}} $$
Various formulae for the calculation of NAR obtained under different assumptions concerning the growth curves of W and L are given in various papers and manuals (see, e.g., Květ et al., 1971; Ondok and Květ, 1971).


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