A Contrast of “Accepted” Concepts of Organic Reactivity and the Present Work

  • Nicolaos D. Epiotis
Part of the Reactivity and Structure Concepts in Organic Chemistry book series (REACTIVITY, volume 5)


The statement, “entities are not to be multiplied without necessity”, has often been ascribed to William of Ockham and has become known as Ockham’s razor. It is a statement about overcompleteness and its applicability to science has been recognized. Accordingly, in submitting this work to public scrutiny, we have to defend the position that it does not constitute a restatement of accepted ideas. One operational test of novelty is the disparity between the overview developed on the basis of the allegedly novel contribution and the overview which is accepted by the majority. Hence, what follows is a presentation of examples of the differences between our approach and what I perceive to be the “accepted viewpoint”. A complete list cannot be presented due to space limitations.


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