Degenerative Changes in Rabbit Carotid Body Following Systematic Denervation and Preliminary Results about the Morphology of Sinus Nerve Neuromas

  • H. Knoche
  • E.-W. Kienecker
Conference paper


We wanted to investigate the regenerative ability of the carotid sinus nerve by iso- and heteromorphic regeneration. First we had to clarify which nerves take part in the innervation of the carotid body and where their terminals end. To do this we performed the following experimental studies on the carotid body of the rabbit (number of operated rabbits in brackets): {a} vagotomy, by removal of the nerve between the brain stem and its peripheral ganglion (2); {b} sympathectomy (6); {c} sectioning (17); and (d) coagulation of the carotid nerve (9). The tissue was fixed by perfusion from the left ventricle with 2% phosphate-buffered glutaraldehyde and embedded in Epon after dehydration in ethanol.


Carotid Body Superior Cervical Ganglion Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum Sympathetic Nerve Fiber Carotid Sinus Nerve 
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  • H. Knoche
  • E.-W. Kienecker

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