Cultured Cell Lines

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A variety of lymphoblastoid, lymphoma, “histiocytic”, and myeloma cell lines have been studied under the SEM recently [8, 22, 24a, 39, 41, 58, 59, 65, 94]. While lymphoblastoid cell lines derived from various sources (patients with infectious mononucleosis, lymphoma or normal donors) show no specific malignant characteristics and are most likely to be derived from normal nonmalignant cells, Lymphoma cell lines derived from patients with African and non-African Burkitt’s lymphoma have different growth characteristics and can be recognized in many cases to be derived from the original malignant lymphoma cells [58]. All these cell lines are of the B-lymphocyte type and bear B-cell markers such as, surface immunoglobulin, receptors for complement or Epstein-Barr virus. As in earlier SEM studies [65–67], the B-cell lines showed a spectrum of surface morphology ranging from villous to nonvillous in nature, but the vast majority, particularly in the case of Burkitt’s lymphoma, are villous in type. Relatively few cells with surface blebs, ruffles or uropods are seen in the lymphoma cell lines. Other, apparently nonlymphomatous lymphoblastoid cell lines, showed more variation in shape and size. The majority of lymphoblastoid cells were spherical with varying numbers of microvilli but more hand-mirror forms were evident and ridge-like profiles and blebs were more frequently encountered.


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