The Standard Run

  • James N. Kremer
  • Scott W. Nixon
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 24)


For each simulation with the model, over 50 physiological coefficients, about 10 baywide or seasonal patterns for forced compartments, and initial conditions throughout the bay for the six state variables must all be specified. These numerous variables and options preclude an exhaustive presentation of all the features of the model. To facilitate the discussion, one “standard” simulation run has been chosen with which to explain the basic input requirements and output results, and against which a number of modifications will be compared. The majority of coefficients and specifications have not been routinely altered in the simulations. For example, the biomasses and rates for the secondary biological compartments were not varied in most cases, nor were the flux rates, external nutrient sources, or physical properties of the bay. The selection and justification of these values have been presented in the respective formulation discussions.


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