Mathematical Considerations and the Computer Program

  • James N. Kremer
  • Scott W. Nixon
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 24)


Most of the chapters up to this point have been devoted to discussions of biological and ecological processes. In each case, a number of equations and coefficients have been derived for use in the simulation model. The form of the equations, however, is also important to the model and deserves some mention. Unfortunately, many of the biologists and ecologists whose work makes it possible to conduct mechanistic numerical simulations often turn away from examining or using such models because they are uncomfortable with the mathematical formalism and computer programming that are involved. In the hope of making the transition from laboratory and field data to coupled differential equations clearer, the following section reviews and summarizes many of the mathematical considerations that were involved in arriving at the form for the equations of the Narragansett Bay model.


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