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  • Renata Reisfeld
  • Christian Klixbüll Jørgensen
Part of the Inorganic Chemistry Concepts book series (INORGANIC, volume 1)


The two subjects of this book are on the one hand the (trivalent) lanthanides containing a partly filled 4f shell and emitting narrow spectral lines (to a certain extent imitating the behaviour of monatomic entities in a dilute gas) and on the other hand the stimulated emission of coherent laser light. Obviously, we can refer only very superficially to laser technology (giving a few references), but we want to devote a few pages to the discussion of future possibilities, especially those related to very high energy densities and to communications at very long distances. Finally, we shall make a few remarks about the distinct characteristics of spectroscopy of condensed matter (as compared with isolated atoms).


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    • 1
  • Christian Klixbüll Jørgensen
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  2. 2.Départment de Chimie minérale, analytique et appliquéeUniversité de GenèveSwitzerland

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