Reconstructive Surgery of Spinal Cord Vessels. An Experimental Study

  • G. Kletter
  • R. Meyermann
  • H. P. Ammerer
  • A. Witzmann
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Neurosurgery book series (NEURO, volume 4)


Both in degenerative and traumatic spinal vasculopathies, surgery is generally confined to decompression of the spinal cord and operative interventions on the aorta and its branches. Recent experience in microvascular surgery, particularly in anastomosing small-caliber vessels with a patent diameter of no more than 0.6 mm has paved the way for attempts at revascularizing the spinal cord by local microvascular procedures. A vascular approach appears to be well justified, since investigations by TÖNNIS and more recent studies indicated that slight to moderate trauma predominantly affected the blood supply of the spinal cord, while lesions of the spinal cord itself were only found to occur as a consequence of severe injuries. These findings prompted us to conduct the experiments reported here.


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  • G. Kletter
  • R. Meyermann
  • H. P. Ammerer
  • A. Witzmann

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