Cliniconeurological and Computer-Analysed EEG Investigations of Patients in Coma Following Operation for Cerebral Trauma

  • J. Krüger
  • W. I. Steudel
  • M. Schäfer
  • G. Dolce
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Neurosurgery book series (NEURO, volume 4)


Even today the cliniconeurological examination has remained the best method at the patient’s bedside, in order to recognize and assess the depth of coma as a result of pathological removal of the reticular, mesodiencephalic growth system (11). Since Berger (1) the EEG has become an essential contribution to the clinician, especially if the possibility for follow-up studies is available (14). Such follow-up studies provide so many data, that in the normal-visual-interpretation, only a small number of patients remain for investigation.


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  • J. Krüger
  • W. I. Steudel
  • M. Schäfer
  • G. Dolce

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