Primary Production, Mat Formation and Lithification: Contribution of Oxygenic and Facultative Anoxygenic Cyanobacteria

  • W. E. Krumbein
  • Y. Cohen


Recent algal stromatolites have been described by many authors (Gebelein, 1969; Golubic, 1973; Logan, 1961, 1964; Monty, 1967, 1972; Walter et al., 1973). Thermal algalmats have been described by Brock and Brock (1967), Castenholz (1973), Doemel and Brock (1974), Krumbein and Cohen (1974).


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  • W. E. Krumbein
    • 1
  • Y. Cohen
    • 2
  1. 1.OldenburgW. Germany
  2. 2.JerusalemIsrael

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