The Influence of Brain Tissue Pressure Upon Local Cerebral Blood Flow in Vasogenic Edema

  • A. Marmarou
  • W. Pöll
  • K. Shapiro
  • K. Shulman


Although the time course of brain tissue pressure (BTP) in vasogenic edema has been documented (2, 5, 7), the effect of these pressure changes upon local cerebral blood flow (CBF) is unknown. The local CBF represents the generating source of the edema seen in this model. Our objective in the present study was to determine the temporal response of local white matter CBF to vasogenic edema and correlate these changes with parallel studies of local white matter BTP.


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  • A. Marmarou
  • W. Pöll
  • K. Shapiro
  • K. Shulman

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