The Treatment of Arterial and Venous Circulatory Disturbances with EPL

  • J. Klemm
Conference paper


The therapeutic effect of essential phospholipids (EPL) on the circulatory parameters 1) of blood flow in the muscle at rest and during reactive hyperemia, 2) of transport speed in the lower extremities, 3) of cerebral blood flow, and 4) cf relative change of blood viscosity were investigated. 26 patients suffering from circulatory disturbances received 3 x 600 mg EPL/d per os for 30 days. The data of 20 patients were evaluated. The circulatory parameters as determined by the 133Xe-clearance method were improved on a high level of statistical significance (0.01 ⩾ p ⩾ 0.001). The amount of improvement was inbetween 7 and 19 per cent as compared to the control. The blood viscosity showed a decrease by 2.7 per cent relative to the value found in normals. It is concluded that EPL causes a marked improvement of the blood flow properties, since also in normal persons an increase of the blood flow after the treatment was observed. No side effects were seen during the whole trial of EPL.


Cerebral Blood Flow Blood Viscosity Reactive Hyperemia Muscle Blood Flow Transport Velocity 
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