Plant Membranes

  • R. H. Falk
  • C. R. Stocking
Part of the Encyclopedia of Plant Physiology book series (PLANT, volume 3)


Within the past few years studies of the morphology and function of membranes have increased almost exponentially. Books and reviews discussing the biochemistry of membranes, the biochemical and biophysical properties of cell surfaces, the molecular organization of membranes, the organization of energy transducing membranes, membrane molecular biology, etc. have appeared with an increasing frequency that almost overwhelms the serious student of membrane structure and function. Although our understanding of the intricate details of the similarities and differences in structure and function among the various cellular membranes has not advanced as rapidly as the wealth of publications would lead one to believe, still a tremendous activity in the field is indicated, and rapid advances in our understanding of membranes are being made.


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