Coherent Averaging and Double Resonance in Solids

  • J. S. Waugh
Conference paper
Part of the NMR Basic Principles and Progress / NMR Grundlagen und Fortschritte book series (NMR, volume 13)


In transient NMR experiments we are concerned with the expectation values of operators Q at some time t, <t|Q|t>, in a system which has developed from some initial state |0>. Thus we must solve the problem posed by
$$ \left| t \right\rangle = U\left( {t,0} \right)\left| 0 \right\rangle $$
where the propagator U is governed by the time-dependent Schrödinger equation
$$ \mathop{\psi }\limits^{0} = \lambda \mathcal{H}\psi ;\lambda = - i/\hbar $$


Lysin biNi 


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