Binding, Uptake, and Catabolism of Low Density (LDL) and High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) by Cultured Smooth Muscle Cells

  • D. Steinberg
  • T. E. Carew
  • D. B. Weinstein
  • T. Koschinsky
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Over the past several years our laboratory has concerned itself with the sites of removal and degradation of plasma low density lipoproteins (LDL) and the cellular mechanisms involved. In vivo studies in dogs and swine showed that the disappearance of 125I-LDL from the plasma compartment was biphasic, indicating exchange with extravascular pool(s) of LDL (19, 20). Analysis of tissues at the time of sacrifice showed that the liver contained by far the highest concentration of protein radioactivity. The total in the liver at sacrifice was a relatively constant fraction of the 125I-LDL remaining in the plasma at the time of sacrifice (12 – 19 % at intervals of 8 –s 1 22 h after injection of 125I-LDL). Kinetic analysis of the total disappearance curve (14) allowed a calculation of the total extravascular pool size, which amounted to about 21 % of the plasma pool size. Thus by far the largest fraction of the extravascular pool was accounted for in the liver.


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  • D. Steinberg
  • T. E. Carew
  • D. B. Weinstein
  • T. Koschinsky

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