The Optic Pathway of the Frog: Nuclear Organization and Connections

  • F. Scalia


The information for this Chapter was drawn largely from recent normal and experimental morphological studies on the adult visual system of Rana pipiens, Rana catesbeiana, Rana temporaria, and Rana esculenta. However, a great debt is owed to a number of previous investigators, such as Bellonci (1888), Wlassak (1893), Ramon (1894), Gaupp (1899), Rothig (1923, 1926), Herrick (1925) and Frontera (1952), who have provided a background of fundamental perspectives on the organization of the frog’s brain. Recent applications of contemporary experimental morphological techniques to studies on the tadpole have also provided information on the development of the visual system. For the most part, the data organized in this chapter has been published elsewhere, but certain gaps will be filled from unpublished observations or from experiments in progress.


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