The Submicroscopic Structure of Wenkite


Wenkite (after Prof. E. Wenk) is an alumosilicate mineral which was named and found by Papageorgakis (1962) in highly metamorphosed calcitic marbles of the Ivrea zone. The structure determined by H.-R. Wenk (1973) yielded the formula Ba4(Ca9.1,Na0.9)6(Al0.4Si0.6)20O39(OH)2(SO4)3. Wenkite has a true trigonal symmetry of P31m and a pseudohexagonal symmetry of P6-ٙ2m (a 0 = 13.515 Å, c 0 = 7.465 Å). It has an interrupted [SiO4]—[AlO4] framework with hexagonal building units similar to that of the zeolites cancrinite and gmelinite. The structure refinement revealed partial occupancy of certain lattice sites in the mineral, suggesting that wenkite may possess a domain structure due to growth twins, submicroscopic twins or antiphase domains.


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