The Clinical Picture of the Meningiomas from the Neurosurgical Viewpoint

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Exactly 120 years ago, i. e. in the year 1854, the publishing house of H. Laupp, Tübingen, brought out the HANDBUCH DER PRAKTISCHEN CHIRURGIE FÜR ÄRZTE UND WUNDÄRZTE by Victor Bruns, which included the part dealing with DIE CHIRURGISCHEN KRANKHEITEN UND VERLETZUNGEN DES GEHIRNS UND SEINER UMHÜLLUNGEN. On page 616 is found the following sentence: “Viel seltener entstehen Krebse primär in der harten Hirnhaut, and zwar dann gewöhnlich in Form von discreten rundlichen Geschwülsten, sowohl an dem das Schädelgewölbe, als an dem die Schädelbasis überziehenden Theile der harten Hirnhaut, zuweilen in mehrfacher nur ausnahmsweise noch gleichzeitig neben Krebsgeschwülsten in anderen entfernten Körpertheilen.” (“Cancers arise only very rarely in the dura mater and when they do, then only in the form of discrete rounded tumors, both in the parts of the dura covering the vault and in the parts covering the base of the skull. Occasionally, they arise in groups simultaneously at various points of the dura, but only exceptionally simultaneously with cancerous tumors in other, distant parts of the body.”). He then proceeds to describe an observation made by the French anatomist friend of Dupuytren and personal physician of Talleyrand, JEAN C CRUVEILHIER, and taken from his book “ANATOMIE PATHOLOGIQUE DU CORPS HUMAIN”, which undoubtedly represents a parasagittal meningioma. This illustration was likewise reproduced by VICTOR BRUNS, 1854, on the plates in his work, and will be found on the two inside pages of our Programme.


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