The Central Action of Free Serotonin on Blood Brain-Barrier and Regulation of Autonomic Functions

  • W. Winkelmüller
  • E. Markakis
  • G. Hünefeld
  • H. W. Kersting
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Neurosurgery book series (NEURO, volume 2)


Serotonin is a naturally occuring monoamine stored in cell bodies of lower midbrain and upper pons. The serotoninergic neurons ascending involved with the regulation of temperature, sleep, psychomotor activity and sensory perception (1). An increased release of serotonin into the CSF is found under pathophysiological conditions in cases of brain injury, brain-tumors and cerebrovascular diseases (4, 5). The clinical significance of increased serotonin levels in CSF is not yet clear.


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  • W. Winkelmüller
  • E. Markakis
  • G. Hünefeld
  • H. W. Kersting

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