The Relevance of the Masters and Johnson Methodology to the Treatment of Sexual Disorders in an Outpatient Clinic

  • P. T. Brown
  • A. Kolaszynska-Carr


During the past 9 months, first by accident and more recently by design, we have been accumulating couples whose presenting problems appear to be amenable to a therapeutic attack within the Masters and Johnsons framework for dealing with human sexual dysfunction (MASTERS and JOHNSON, 1970). We wish to report briefly upon 10 of these couples. During the course of our work with them we have had to alter some of Masters and Johnson’s treatment proposals to fit the circumstances of outpatient services in the N.H.S. Without wishing to overgeneralise at this stage, we can begin to draw some tentative conclusions about the management of this type of disorder, which we hope to verify or reject as time goes on. At this early stage we would like to state our experience and views to provide a basis for discussion among people who are feeling their way in the same clinical area.


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  • A. Kolaszynska-Carr

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