6-aminonicotinamide (6-AN), an antimetabolite of nicotinamide has been used in experimental medicine under two different aspects:
  1. a)

    as antimetabolite that after administration in experimental animals results in well-defined and reproducable disorders of the brain like spastic paralysis of the extremities (Johnson and McColl, 1955; Sternberg and Philips, 1957; Wolf, Cowen and Geller, 1959) as well as a continual decrease of the body temperature and prolongation of the sleeping period following a hexobarbital anaesthesia (Redetzki and Alvarez-O’Bourke, 1962; Coper and Herken, 1963; Coper, Hadass and Lison, 1966; Lison, 1970) and leads to the formation of brain edema (Schneider, 1970; Schochet, 1970; Meyer-König, 1973);

  2. b)

    as teratogenic agent.



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