Intracranial Pressure Measurement by Epidural Technique — A Simple Solution

  • Jacques de Rougemont
  • Alim Louis Benabid
  • Michel Barge


Theoretical considerations, physical observations, and animal studies convinced us of the validity of epidural pressure measurements provided that the dura remains flat. On this basis we have prepared a very simple device which we have used satisfactorily in more than 300 patients (1).


Pressure Chamber Simple Solution Epidural Space Burr Hole Fast Variation 
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  1. 1.
    De Rougemont, J., Barge, M., Benabid, A.L.: Un nouveau capteur pour la mesure de la pression intra-cranienne. Valeur de la duremere en tant que membrane susceptible de transmettre les pressions. Neurochirurgie 17, 579–590 (1971).PubMedGoogle Scholar

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  • Jacques de Rougemont
  • Alim Louis Benabid
  • Michel Barge

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