Fetal and Maternal Uptake of Se 75 Methionine after Intra-Amniotic Injection in Rabbits

  • E. Margaria
  • M. Massobrio
  • G. V. D’Arcangelo
  • F. Badini Confalonieri
Conference paper


The impossibility of providing sufficient nutrition to the fetus through the mother because of the presence of a hindrance at the level of the placental filter and the demonstration that the fetus is able to swallow the amniotic fluid (5), and utilize, for its own alimentation, both proteins and amino-acids contained in it (2, 4, 6, 7), justifie the treatment of fetal hypotrophy due to the placental insufficiency by means of intra-amniotic injection of amino-acids.


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  • E. Margaria
  • M. Massobrio
  • G. V. D’Arcangelo
  • F. Badini Confalonieri

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