Ultrastructure and Ion Localization in Xylem Parenchyma Cells of Roots

  • A. Läuchli
  • D. Kramer
  • R. Stelzer


Among the examples of cooperation of organs in intact higher plants (see the review by LÜTTGE, 1974), the function of the root in supplying inorganic ions to the shoot is of particular importance. Recent evidence from our laboratories indicates that ion transport through the root to the xylem and eventually to the shoot is different in its basic mechanism from active uptake by the root, as is shown by the differential effects of cycloheximide (LÄUCHLI et al., 1973), abscisic acid and benzyl adenine (PITMAN et al., 1974a), and of previous water stress (PITMAN et al., 1974b). This suggests that in the root there are sites of control for regulation of ion transport to the shoot. Most probably, the xylem parenchyma cells adjacent to the vessels represent these sites of control (LÄUCHLI et al., 1971; ANDERSON, 1972; EPSTEIN, 1972; LÄUCHLI, 1972a; PITMAN, 1972a; BIELESKI, 1973; LÄUCHLI et al., 1974a).


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  • D. Kramer
  • R. Stelzer

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