Chloroplast Reflection Coefficients: Influence of Partition Coefficients, Carriers, and Membrane Phase Transitions

  • P. S. Nobel


When the osmotic pressure in a solution surrounding cells or organelles is increased, water flows out of them. Such osmotic responses are quantitatively described by the Boyle-Van’t Hoff relation, which refers to the equilibrium situation when the internal osmotic pressure equals the external osmotic pressure (π°). According to the Boyle-Van’t Hoff relation, the osmotic pressure times the volume of the aqueous phase within the cell or organelle (V-b), where V is the total volume and b is the volume of the non-aqueous components is constant at a given temperature, i.e. π° (V-b) = constant. When the osmotic pressure of some solute in the external solution is increased, water flows out of the internal phase and the osmotic pressures on the two sides of the membrane again become equal.


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