Experimental Aspects of Growth Plate Disorders

A Study Concerning Chondrocytic Lysosomes in Different Physical and Metabolic Conditions
  • U. N. Riede
Part of the Current Topics in Pathology book series (CT PATHOLOGY, volume 59)


The present paper reports on investigations geared at finding a denominator common to the various growth plate disorders as elucidated by means of selected interference in the process of enchondral ossification in animals. Although growth disturbances are a marginal area of pathology, general questions of subcellular pathology are broached in discussions relating to their pathogenesis. Therefore, a short survey of the orthology of enchondral ossification precedes the report on the animal experiments: The capillaries exert a decisive influence on the hyaline epiphyseal cartilage, as cartilage is resorbed and mineralized in their vicinity. To investigate the behaviour of intact chondrocytes in the diffusion area of the capillaries, the epiphyseal cartilage was focally thermocoagulated. This induced a regenerative process in which mesenchyme, rich in capillaries, penetrated into the cartilage, as is the case in vitamin D-deficient rickets. It was, therefore, interesting to determine whether vitamin D-deficient rickets would produce effects on cellular metabolism and on cellular morphology, comparable to those observed following thermocoagulation.


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