Management of Ventilation after Open Heart Surgery

  • K. D. Hall
  • I. H. Talton
Conference paper
Part of the Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation / Anaesthesiologie und Wiederbelebung / Anesthésiologie et Réanimatión book series (A+I, volume 80)


The ventilatory care of the postoperative cardiac patient is subject to the same physiological principles as the care of any postsurgical or postanesthetic patient, except that it requires more expert observance and management. Even small untoward trends must be immediately recognized and corrected to prevent progressive deterioration of the patient. The monitoring systems that we use to maintain these delicate balances are continuous recording of direct arterial and venous pressures and electrocardiogram, and frequent determinations of arterial blood gases, pH, and serum or plasma electrolytes. The regulatory devices that we employ are our mechanical ventilators.


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  • I. H. Talton

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