Oxygen Pneumonitis in Man

A Summary of Histological, Ultrastructural and Morphometric Findings
  • Y. Kapanci
  • R. Tosco
  • J. Eggermann
  • V. E. Gould
Conference paper
Part of the Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation / Anaesthesiologie und Wiederbelebung / Anesthésiologie et Réanimatión book series (A+I, volume 80)


During the last 10 years, because of extensive development of intensive care medicine and the use of artificial atmosphere in space travel, the interest in lung lesions produced by high concentrations of oxygen breathing has been continuously increasing. The early studies of Pratt [1] and later those of Nash et al. [2] demonstrated alveolar damage in patients given high concentrations of oxygen. A detailed description of our findings is given in three recent articles [3, 4, 5].


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  • Y. Kapanci
  • R. Tosco
  • J. Eggermann
  • V. E. Gould

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