Retrolabyrinthine Section of the Posterior Root of the Fifth Nerve (Abstract)

  • W. E. Hitselberger
  • J. Pulec
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Neurosurgery book series (NEURO, volume 1)


Over the last five years the authors have carried out selective section of the posterior root of the fifth cranial nerve on 30 patients. In the past it has been recognized by neurosurgeons that selective section of the posterior root as advocated by Walter DANDY is a better method of surgical approach to the problem of tic doloureaux than the conventional subtemporal gasserian ganglion operation advocated by FRAZIER. The reason for this is that the incidence of recurrence of tic pain is considerably lower. Additionally selective section of the nerve in the posterior fossa is usually associated with preservation of touch sensation over the face and preservation of the corneal response. The reason, this procedure has not been carried out in general neurosurgical practice in spite of its obvious advantages is because of the associated morbidity and mortality in any suboccipital surgery.


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  • J. Pulec

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