Obstructive Hydrocephalus

  • Klaus Joachim Zülch


An obstruction in the cerebrospinal fluid pathways occurring anywhere from the choroid plexus to the arachnoidal granulations results in the development of an obstructive hydrocephalus (Fig. 361) of the ventricles lying behind the block, provided the choroid plexus continues to function. However, all cases of hydrocephalus are completely reversible at the beginning and in part later on. This can be explained by the initial expansion of the ventricles and the “inflation” of the brain—an expansion that takes place at the cost of the subarachnoid space; the sulci disappear with the increase in intracranial pressure (Fig. 2). If the increased pressure disappears, the enlargement of the ventricles vanishes and the subarachnoid space is re-established.


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