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The terms “orthotopic” and “ectopic” here relate to the position of the orifice of the ureter upon which the ureterocele is formed. In the orthotopic variety the opening is well within the bladder, although lifted from its strictly normal position; in the ectopic variety it is at the bladder neck or in the urethra. In the case of the single orthotopic ureterocele the distinction is obvious enough and the anomaly familiar in adult practice, but where a double ureter is present there is often some confusion. The ureterocele is always formed upon the upper pole ureter and the lower pole ureter opens above it, as in the commoner ectopic cases, but the distinction between the two is important and it is not always recognised: several reports of good results following the conservative treatment of ectopic ureterocele give illustrations showing that the orthotopic variety was present, for which the prognosis is always better.


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