Simultaneous Recording of the Epidural and Ventricular Fluid Pressure

  • G. Sundbärg
  • H. Nornes


Continuous recording of the ventricular fluid pressure (VFP) is a reliable and clinically useful method of monitoring the intracranial pressure [1] but involves a potential risk of infection of the cerebrospinal fluid spaces. During recent years, small pressure transducers suitable for recording epidural or subdural pressure have become available. Nornes [2] has tested such a pressure-monitoring device in clinical practice, studying the epidural pressure (EDP). The method reveals even small alterations in intracranial pressure, but EDP values obtained are consistently higher than can be expected from the traditional VFP method. It therefore appeared necessary to compare simultaneous recordings of VFP and EDP systematically.


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  • G. Sundbärg
  • H. Nornes

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