Variations of Intraventricular and Local Brain Pressures during Neurosurgical Procedures

  • C. Rivano
  • G. F. Rossi
  • J. Zattoni
Conference paper


The purpose of the present research was to provide objective data on the pressure forces to which the brain is subjected during endocranial neurosurgical procedures. On the basis of previous personal experience [1, 2, 3, 4], it was thought advisable to approach the problem along two main lines of investigation: 1. by considering the pressure changes affecting the whole or most of the brain, as might be indicated by recording the ventricular pressure; 2. by considering the pressure undergone by limited brain regions directly subjected to neurosurgical manipulations, as revealed, for instance, by recording the pressure exerted by the retracting spatula on the underlying cerebral tissue.


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  • C. Rivano
  • G. F. Rossi
  • J. Zattoni

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