Studies on Limacina inflata d’Orbigny (Thecosomata, Gastropoda) in the Indian Ocean

  • M. Sakthivel
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 3)


This paper deals with the seasonal and diurnal variations in spatial abundance, the annual variations along 78 ° E, latitudinal and seasonal variations along 110° E and also the distribution in relation to the thermocline. This study is based on the identification of the sorted fractions of Euthecosomata from 1927 Zooplankton collections of the IIOE and 180 collections of the seasonal biological cruises of the Division of Fisheries and Oceanography CSIRO Australia. Because of remarkable diurnal changes of Limacina inflata only night collections were taken into consideration for studying seasonal variations.


Indian Ocean Annual Variation Southern Indian Ocean Equatorial Zone Somali Coast 
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