Difference within the Cerebral Vascular Tree and between the Cerebral and Extracerebral Vessels in the Response Upon Vasoactive Compounds

  • J. Olesen


Regional cerebral blood flow measurements in non anesthetized man are possible by means of the intra-arterial 133Xe injection method. After percutaneous puncture of the common carotid artery a catheter is placed in the internal carotid artery and the tracer rapidly injected. The wash-out of radioactivity is followed by multiple collimated external scintillation detectors. The random experimental error is 4 to 5% (1, 2).


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  • J. Olesen
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  1. 1.Department of NeurologyBispebjerg HospitalCopenhagenDenmark
  2. 2.Department of Clinical PhysiologyBispebjerg HospitalCopenhagenDenmark

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