A Hemorheological View on Molecular Interactions between Red Blood Cell Constituents in the Pathogenesis of Constitutional Hemolytic Anemias

  • P. Teitel
Conference paper


The reversible deformability (plasticity) of red blood cells (RBC) as estimated by the “Erythrocyte Fi1terability Test” (EFT) (Nouv. Rev. Franc.Hémat., 1967, 7, 195) is diminished in many constitutional haemolytic anemias (CHA) (400 patients screened) (Sangre, 1964, 9, 282) and correlated with their actual life span within the circulation (Sangre, 1964, 9, 421; Rev. Roum. Med. Int., 1964, 1, 223) and sequestration in the spleen (Rev. Franc. Hémat., 1967, 7, 321). On this basis the RBC fi1terability determination was proposed as a routine method of clinical investigation.


Hereditary Spherocytosis Normal Erythrocyte Molecular Sieve Chromatography Erythrocyte Filterability Calcium Bridge 
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