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The following chapter is intended as a short appendix to “fertility disorders in the male”. It aims at giving the urologist with an andrologic interest some idea of the wide variety of factors that may be responsible for impotence, insofar as this plays a part in evaluating the male fertility status. Since impotence and its normal opposite, potency, are separated by a broad spectrum of disorders of differing degree, an encyclopedic representation of all these problems would be far beyond the limited scope of this contribution to the handbook. However, the urologist quite frequently comes across problems of disordered potency and finds himself faced with the clinical task of excluding organic or provable endocrine causes. It may well be that to establish an overall opinion on such complex problems will in practice almost always require the consultation of a psychiatrist and possibly of an endocrinologist in the planning of diagnosis and treatment. It should be pointed out from the very beginning that longstanding impotence of organic cause may, in itself, have such a profound effect on the psyche of a man that removal of the morphological abnormality alone does not suffice to restore potency.


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