Excitatory Transmitter Substances

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As pointed out by Paton (1958), Curtis (1961b) and McLennan (1963), several criteria have to be satisfied before one can have full confidence in classifying a substance as a synaptic transmitter: the substance must exist in sufficient quantities in the presynaptic terminals, which must also contain a synthesizing enzyme system; stimulation of the presynaptic nerves must release the substance in adequate quantities from the presynaptic terminals; the action of the substance on the postsynaptic cell must be identical with that of the synaptic action, particularly when applied by micro-electrophoretic techniques; there should be an inactivating enzyme system in the region of the synaptic cleft; when the action of drugs is tested by micro-electrophoretic injection, the pharmacology of the synaptic transmission and of the postsynaptic action of the substance must be similar.


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