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In an n-dimensional manifold V, a current1 is a functional T [ø], defined on the vector space of all C forms ø with compact support in V, which is linear, that is, such that
$$T[{k_1}{\phi _1} + {k_2}{\phi _2}] = {k_1}T[{\phi _1}] + {k_2}T[{\phi _2}]$$
for all forms ø and ø of this space and for all constants k1and k2, and which is continuous in the following sense:

If ø h (h= 1, 2,…) is a sequence of C forms with supports all contained in a single compact set which is in the interior of the domain of a local coordinate system x1,…, x n such that each derivative of each coefficient of the form ø h (represented using x1,…, x n ) tends uniformly to zero as h→∞, then T [ø h ]→02.


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