Litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.): In Vitro Production of Haploid Plants

  • Fu Lianfang 
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Litchi belongs to the family Sapindaceae, and there are only two species (Chen et al. 1980). Litchi chinensis Sonn. originated in south China. It is a large tree (Fig. 1) with a height reaching 10m. There are two to four pairs of leaflets in the compound leaf. The conical inflorescence emerging from the top of the branch bears small light yellow flowers. Usually there are seven stamens in the flower, and the inversed heart-shaped ovary has two to three crevices suported by a short stalk. The fruit is elliptical or spherical in shape. The seed, situated at the center of the fruit, is long, elliptical, and brownish black. The fleshy integument is of a lighter shade and is edible, tasting sweet, and somewhat sour when ripe (Fei and Xue 1981). Litchi philippinensis Radlk. originated in the Philippines. It is a large tree with small leaflets measuring only 2 – 5 cm. It produces long elliptical fruits and protruding prickles on the fruit surfaces. The short false integument covers only part of the seed, but is not edible.


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