The Naïve Parton Model

  • Otto Nachtmann
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In the last chapter we discussed the nonrelativistic quark model which has proved to be quite successful in describing the hadron spectrum. In this chapter, we will discuss the parton model to describe so-called hard processes. In this model, too, the hadrons are considered to be composed of constituents, the partons, and as it turns out some of these partons carry exactly the quark quantum numbers. In contrast to our previous approach, we will not however consider hadrons at rest; instead we shall be dealing with rapidly moving hadrons. As might be expected, the connection between the constituent wavefunctions of a particle at rest and those of a rapidly moving particle is far from simple. Thus it should come as no surprise that the picture of hadronic constituents which will be developed in this chapter, appears somewhat different to the one derived in the nonrelativistic approach of the previous chapter.


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