Integration Aspects of STEP and their Expression in the CAD Reference Model

  • Bernd Kehrer
  • Gerhard Vatterrott
Conference paper
Part of the Beiträge zur Graphischen Datenverarbeitung book series (GRAPHISCHEN)


Recent demands for more flexible, easier to use, and integrated CAD applications require support for the complete spectrum of product development tasks. Therefore, there are the goals of openess, configurability, suitability for concurrent engineering, conformance to relevant standards etc.

The CAD Reference Model defines the recent requirements on CAD systems from the applicational, ergonomic, design engineering and information technological point of view. To provide new solution ideas, the CAD Reference Model specifies a Reference Architecture for CAD systems and an Integration Concept.

This paper gives a short overview of both, the Reference Architecture and the Integration Concept. Based on this, the integration ability of the international standard STEP is analysed. Especially STEP’s integration approaches for product data sharing and product data exchange are examined with respect to the integration concept of the CAD Reference Model. Examples from R&D-projects are explained to illustrate some relevant cases.


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  • Bernd Kehrer
  • Gerhard Vatterrott

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