Positive and Negative Regulation of c-Myc Transcription

  • X. Zou
  • Y. Lin
  • S. Rudchenko
  • K. Calame
Part of the Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology book series (CT MICROBIOLOGY, volume 224)


The c-Myc proto-oncoprotein is well-known to play important roles in determining the growth and development of normal cells [1,2]. c-Myc is required for cells to exit G0 and to enter cycle and is induced as an immediate early gene in response to most mitogenic stimuli. In contrast to the requirement for c-myc expression in proliferating cells, c-myc expression is shut down in differentiating cells. In fact, addition of exogenous c-Myc blocks terminal differentiation of several hematopoietic cell lines [3–11] and of myogenic cells [12,13] while inhibitors of c-Myc expression accelerate terminal differentiation of promonocytic HL60 cells [14–16], M1 leukemic myeloid cells [17], F9 teratocarcinoma cells [18] and human esophagael cancer cells [19]. Finally, c-Myc plays a role in programmed cell death. Elevated levels of c-Myc can cause apoptosis in certain cells when other factors necessary for their proliferation are absent [20, 21]. However, decreased levels of c-Myc can also cause apoptosis in Ramos and WEHI 231 B cell lines upon treatment with anti-immunoglobulin [22,23].


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