The Ma’aleh HaKishon Reservoir

  • Jacob Eren
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The Ma’aleh HaKishon Reservoir (MKR), with a storage capacity of 12.5 million m3, is the largest wastewater reservoir in Israel. Its construction was completed in 1984 and it started to receive wastewater in the spring of that year. The MKR is part of the Kishon wastewater reclamation project which conveys secondary treated sewage effluents from the sewage treatment plant of Metropolitan Haifa to the Jeezrael Valley. The Kishon wastewater reclamation project adds to the valley 15-20 million m3 water per year, which enables the irrigation of 3 000-4 000 ha. Cotton is the most common crop in this area, but when cotton prices are low some other crops are grown. The scheme of the Kishon wastewater reclamation project is presented in Fig. 22.1.


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