Generic QoS Specifications for CORBA

  • Christian Becker
  • Kurt Geihs
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Quality of Service (QoS) integration is a growing demand on nowadays networks and distributed systems. While QoS has originally been a domain of networking protocols and multimedia applications, a generalized view includes all aspects related to service quality that a client experiences. Object-oriented middleware like CORBA, DCOM or Java/RMI are popular but the current standards lack means for QoS integration. Some efforts have been made to integrate QoS in such middleware. But so far, all of them are restricted to specialized QoS categories like real-time, fault-tolerance or multimedia. A general approach is still missing. In this paper we present an approach how QoS definitions for a broad variety of QoS categories can be integrated into CORBA.


QoS object-oriented middleware CORBA IDL 


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  • Christian Becker
    • 1
  • Kurt Geihs
    • 1
  1. 1.Computer Science DepartmentUniversity of Frankfurt/MainGermany

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